Community. Support. Encouragement. 

This year, an open mind and an open heart have led me to a community of women who encourage me to turn my dreams into a reality. Because I said YES, I've invited many wonderful souls into my life: a mentor, a kindred spirit, an inspiration, a partner, a sister and an entire team of friends. These women fill my cup daily and it is an honor to pour back into them. There are more seats at the table, come sit with us!

I have big exciting plans for this growing community of ours. Life giving, life changing plans for the hearts and homes of so many special women. We’re building relationships, fostering encouragement and guiding each other through discomfort so we can all experience growth and that heart pulsing sense of accomplishment we crave.

But i don’t fit the mold. She’s not talking about me.I would certainly fail...Perhaps these are the excuses you’re telling yourself. Guess what? There is NO mold in this business. We all bring different talents and gifts to this community. And it’s my job, as your guide/mentor to help you discover your strengths, cultivate them and capitalize on them in a way that fulfills the dreams in your heart. My dream: to be the person who helps you reach yours!

If your heart has been buzzing for something MORE, something new, something that breathes life into the dreams you’ve had for so long, then let’s talk—a NO pressure conversation, tell me all the feelings of your heart and we’ll try to make sense of them and create direction together.

We have a beautify, growing community happening here. Once you join our team as a distributor that is actively purchasing, we have a private facebook group that you will be added to, a free business bootcamp, builder phonecalls, webinars for you to listen through and team challenges. There is ZERO pressure to ever sell, if you just want to join our community and purchase oils, that is great! We have resources available for both. Starting this journey can be intimidating but walking through it with us takes that away. We would love to have you! 

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