My soul is in this.


I'm excited and grateful to be part of a community dedicated to cultivating abundance in the lives of it's members--abundance in health, wellness, joy, stability, compassion, and love--a community with an endless support system of people truly vested in my personal growth and wellness. It would be an honor to link arms with you in this journey!


Why I Use Essential Oils For My Family

Through years of trial and error and many lessons learned the hard way, Ben and I have learned to open our arms and our hearts to people and opportunities that make our lives lighter in positive, healthy ways.


Easy Do It Yourself Blends and Projects

If you've ever followed my blog, Little Miss Momma, then you know there's nothing I love more than a good ol' DIY.  Check out the latest quick and easy EO projects, recipes, gifts and blends that I've been working on.