The Scoop on Essential Rewards

Let's imagine that your go-to shopping spots for home, wellness and personal care products  (think Target, Amazon, Costco) offered you a whopping 25% back on your purchases!  It would be a no brainer to shop there--am I right?!  DID YOU KNOW that Young Living offers this?! True story!  So here's the added bonus.... EVEN if you have ZERO interest in oils (which could never be the case) , you can buy safe/clean products (i.e. shampoo, detergent, dish soap, hand soap, shave oil, lotion, kids products, baby products, vitamins and MORE) in your customizable, monthly order option. You will first get 10% back EVERY one of the orders, then 20% then 25% back always and forever!!!!


the highlights:

* You can customize your order on any day of
the month up until the day your order ships.
* Discounted, exclusive shipping rates.
* You can cancel at any time.
* The minimum monthly order is 50PV.
PV means points value, which means
approximately $50.
* An amazing, economical way to begin a
clean out of your toxic household products
one order at a time.

My Ditch & Switch Commitment 

I lived in denial about the toxins lurking in my household products for a long time (toxins known to disrupt hormones, quicken aging, interfere with fertility, cause cancer, and more).  After using the Think Dirty App (check it out for the full scoop about all the products you're using on your body and in your home--it's scary but so enlightening), I quickly became motivated to apply my best efforts at making our home healthier.  I have three young kiddos and I felt strongly about creating a healthier living environment for their growing minds and bodies. 

But the task of switching everything out for non-toxic and natural alternatives seemed like an overwhelming project...and quite frankly, it seemed expensive.  It was an ah-ha! moment for me when I was introduced to the concept of "ditch & switch".  Basically, now I utilize the perks of my Essential Rewards to slowly switch out those yucky products for toxin-free alternatives every month, one order at a time.  So for my first month, I switched out all my surface cleaners with the Thieves Household Cleaning line.  The following month, laundry products...and so on!  I felt empowered about the healthy changes I was making in my home without the stress of going over budget (and just remember, you're simply replacing purchases you would already be making at other stores). 


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